synesthesia 2


the sound fragment of the score on the photo


Synesthesia 2 (ongoing project) – is the next project of the series “Synesthesia” which is the joint project between an artist Tatiana Kolganova and composer Olesya Rostovskay. The artist and composer are working with unique photoelectronic sythesizer ANS which was created by Russian engeneer Evgeny Murzin from 1937 to 1957 to transform drawings into sound. The initiative of “Synesthesia” is to explorer the ways to see ANS from two different perspectives – from drawing and from sound.

Coming from the “Synesthesia 1” this time the artist and composer are creating one sequence together which is going to be the indissoluble musical piece. The investigation point of the artist is sound of an abstract writing which can be recognised as representative drawings of a natural landscape as well. The composer is starting from the resulting sound of artist’s pieces and making her drawings to emphasise and extend the sound properties of the piece.